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Getting out the Vote: 2020’s Imperative for Good CSR

Getting out the Vote: 2020’s Imperative for Good CSR
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Influential stakeholders – employees, customers, communities, and celebrity opinion leaders – expect companies to take leadership in supporting the 2020 US election process in a non-partisan way. Employees in particular want their employers to support registration, provide access to voting information, and give time-off to vote and help others get to the polls virtually or in person. Support for the election will be a key benchmark in how your company is judged as a corporate citizen in 2020.

A growing partnership of 150+ leading companies have responded, supporting a network of five national non-profits working to achieve historic voter turnout in 2020 and beyond. Companies include Amazon, Blue Cross Blue Shield of MN, Capital One, Gap, Levi’s, Major League Baseball, McDonalds, Microsoft, Salesforce, Starbucks, Viacom, and others.

This webcast will brief you on the expectations for your company, the business case for engagement, and share good practices on how to get involved. Speakers include:

  • Steven Levine, head of the Civic Alliance will share best practices on how companies can support employees and communities in the voting process.
  • Berenice Murguia, Director of Operations for the Center for Secure and Modern Elections will discuss the work of the initiative, Democracy is Good for Business in which companies are collaborating to ensure election systems remain secure.
  • Steve Rochlin, CEO of IMPACT ROI and ACCP Partner, will moderate and discuss the business case.
  • Joey Wozniak, head of Vote Early Day, will share how companies can support access to safe, secure voting processes during the pandemic.

This discussion is for ACCP members only.

9/24/2020 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Eastern Standard Time