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Partner Series: EAF Technology Enhances Performance for You

Partner Series: EAF Technology Enhances Performance for You
This webcast is part of our Partner Webcast Series, an extension of our Virtual Conference, and everyone is welcome.

Think of all the different hats you are expected to wear within your organization. Especially when you are trying to help your own who are faced with financial hardship and disaster. How do you best do so, on top of everything else you are tasked with? Through the use of technology, Emergency Assistance Foundation (EAF) makes it as simplistic as possible for not only the impacted applicant, but you as the Fund Partner. Visible in real-time, you are able to see into how many applicants have applied, what your fund balance is and how to best benchmark for your relief fund success. All of this important data is a click of a button away via EAF’s diagnostic tools and data dashboard.  

This webinar is for anyone exploring how Relief Funds can thrive and be beneficial to their workforce.

Presented by: Doug Stockham, President, Emergency Assistance Foundation, Inc.

6/17/2020 12:30 PM - 1:00 PM
Eastern Standard Time