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Executive Network: Integrating ESG into CSR & Corp. Strategy

In order to preserve the safe-space nature of the leadership circle, participation in the Network is limited to those individuals who represent seniority in the CSR function within their company, as evidenced by ownership of enterprise-wide strategy, influence with the C-Suite, department staff leadership, and decision-making authority over the function’s financial resources. For the pilot, this is by invitation only.

When done well, ESG goals articulate a vision for the future, inform strategy, and hold companies accountable to their many stakeholders. The scale and substance of ESG goals are driving business value with a new generation of stakeholders whose expectations of the relationship between business, society, and the environment are rapidly increasing. In most companies, the CSR function is a key performer to the ESG framework, while in others, the role has expanded well beyond a performer to include ownership of the process of setting ESG goals. How does the corporate strategy change in response to ESG trends, and what role or influence do CSR executives have in this process? How do CSR leaders integrate the company’s ESG goals into their own strategies? Finally, how are the roles of CSR executives changing as part of the growing importance of ESG to all company’s stakeholders?
12/15/2020 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Eastern Standard Time
Zoom Meetings