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Conference Ambassador Program 2020

Conference Ambassador Program 2020
Come join the ACCP staff to make Conference 2020 the best one yet!

Here is a list of all the volunteer options and their descriptions from which you can choose:

After you decide which opportunities you like, select them below by clicking "Register Myself" then "Add" next to the ones you want. Don't forget to answer the question and hit "Save Response" before "Proceeding to Cart" and "Checkout". If you don't complete your "Checkout", your registration is not complete and your selections are not recognized.

Contact Jen Scott with any questions at


# of people Needed


Registration Desk Ambassador

Sun 8am-8pm

(2-hour time slots)


On-site registration desk ambassadors. Ambassadors will do the following:
-Check in attendees & give badges/materials
-Orient to space & answer any questions

Buddy Ambassador

(~10 hours)

~25 (4 newbies per buddy)

These s will serve as a guide to 1st timers. Buddies will do the following:
-Call 2 weeks out from Conference with a set script and to answer any questions they have
-Meet them at the New Comers’ Reception* and introduce them to others
-Serve as a point of contact throughout Conference
-After Conference, calls will be had with all buddies to get any additional feedback and such per given script

Social Media Ambassador

(~3 hours)



The Ambassador(s) will be our go-to social media advocates. Starting 90 days out from Conference, they will get w/ Caitlin McDanels to create a timeline of social media channel pushes. At Conference, they will continue to “live tweet/stream” & get photos from every event & learning opportunity they attend throughout the Conference.

Morning Wellness Ambassador

(1.5 hours)



6 (3/day)

Wellness Ambassador will be the leads for the Run/Walk/Yoga morning groups. Leaders will take a photo of the group pre-activity.

Run/Walk Leaders: One will lead the runners, one leads the walkers. Leaders will orient attendees to run/walk route

Yoga Leader: Will teach yoga or be the contact in the yoga room. Leaders will point out bathrooms in relation to yoga room and possible introduction of yoga teacher.

Learning Lab Ambassador

(1-hour sessions)



(7 LL/ LL timeblock)

Learning Lab Ambassador will be responsible for a variety of tasks to include:
-Be point of contact in assigned room for attendees and speaker
-Answer any popup questions
-Introduce speaker(s)
-Remind attendees to take survey in app
-Get a count for attendees in the room
-Keep time for the speaker (so they don’t run over, give a 15min and 5min warning)
-Scribe for session – take notes to be published in the app and potentially in ACCP Resources for those unable to attend this session
-Close session with a “thank you” by presenting speaker with gift and remind again attendees to take survey

Tuesday Group Dinner Ambassador

(~2 hours depending on speed of meal)



Group Dinner Ambassadors will be responsible for choosing a restaurant, making the reservation, and then managing signups to the reservation number. ACCP will make signup sheets and monitor them on the registration/swag table through Tuesday morning. Ambassador will communicate number updates with restaurant directly and guide participants to the restaurant at the appropriate time. Not responsible for payment. Each person will be on own.

Breakfast/Lunch Table Social Ambassador

(30min-1 hour)


(3 per meal)

The Socializers should be prepared to sit with those that look lost or are sitting alone to create comradery for all.

Ambassador Requirements

-Arrive to selected opportunity on-time
-Demonstrate a positive attitude
-Respect fellow ambassadors, attendees, and exhibitors
-Fill out post-conference survey so that ACCP can improve upon ambassador program
-Ask for help if needed, be safe, report injuries, and HAVE FUN!

Ambassador Benefits
– ACCP will recognize you from the stage, in the Conference app, on the ACCP website, and will have a designation on your name tag to stand out from the crowd
-The opportunity to meet more of your fellow CSR professionals (you can get as much or as little as you want out of these opportunities)
-And so much more!

Accountability/If No-Show
-If you fail to show up for your selected opportunity, you will not be eligible for all benefits.

*Please note that volunteering does NOT get you a free registration to attend Conference.
3/8/2020 - 3/11/2020
Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort 14651 Chelonia Pkwy Orlando, FL 32821 UNITED STATES