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Ask the Expert: CSR in Today’s World

Ask the Expert: CSR in Today’s World
ACCP members: Join this interactive webcast to share your questions with Christine Ortega, Outreach Lead, Southwest Airlines.


With the ripple effects of the pandemic, we see inequities that were hiding in plain sight within our communities. As we grapple with big challenges to address fairness, inclusion, health, poverty, climate, etc. The questions arise: How do we do this? How can corporations contribute? Should we contribute? And then, to what end?

Join Christine Ortega, Outreach Lead, Southwest Airlines, as we scratch the surface of the ever-evolving CSR/ESG roles, and explore the trajectory toward an authentic pathway to a stronger society.

This 30-minute, interactive session will allow you to ask our expert your questions and chat with your fellow attendees.

This webcast is for ACCP members only.

8/18/2020 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Eastern Standard Time