Making Networking Fun

Dana Frazeur,
Senior Marketing Manager 



As you know, ACCP Conference 2020 is just around the corner! And while many attendees enjoy the camaraderie and networking that comes along with the event, for others the thought of walking up to a new person and introducing yourself is daunting. So, we wanted to offer some tips on how to network, and make Conference 2020 a rewarding experience:

1. Go digital. Approaching another person in the flesh is intimidating. Download the ACCP Conference app and make a digital connection instead. To access the app, download CrowdCompass AttendeeHub from your app store, and then search for ACCP. Also be on the lookout for an email in your inbox with further instructions. Once in the app, find people who have similar positions or are in similar industries and message them. Just a quick “I see you have a similar role – what sessions are you planning to attend?” Then make a plan to meet up. You can connect before Conference or on-site in real time.

2. Go social. ACCP (@accprof) has a strong presence on both Twitter and LinkedIn, and we post regularly both before and throughout Conference. Follow our hashtag #accp2020 to see others who are posting and sharing about Conference and reach out to them to make a connection. In addition, if you are an ACCP member, be sure to join the ACCP Communities on our website. Set up your account, post your photo, and see what others are talking about. Start connecting in the communities at Conference and keep the conversation going long after Conference concludes.

3. Go eat. People tend to be more approachable on a full stomach. Find an empty seat at a table and start with small talk – “I wish I could eat like this every day!” and then ease into business - “What did you think of the keynote this morning?”; “What’s your current workplace challenge?” Find common ground and learn from each other!

4. Go with a plan. Think ahead about some icebreakers/speaking points you can pull out if you find yourself in a conversation that seems to be fading.
a. Have you been to this Conference before?
b. Have you been to Orlando before?
c. What’s been the most interesting thing you’ve learned so far?
d. Which session are you headed to next?
e. Will you be attending any other ACCP events this year?

Networking at the ACCP Conference is one of the most fun and rewarding parts of attending, as we hear over and over from both members and non-ACCP members. And while making small talk with someone you don’t know may not be everyone’s favorite thing, it will pay off in the long run.