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In the future, we see a better world. And the changemakers creating that better world should have the tools and technology to make this happen. Technology is the most powerful equalizer of our time, providing access to data, knowledge, and—above all—connections. gets our technology in the hands of nonprofits, educational institutions, and philanthropic organizations, so they can connect with others and do more good. As a social enterprise, the more missions our technology supports, the more we invest back into technology and communities, creating an endless circle of good. We’re here to help. Visit us at




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"Now is the Time for CSR to Shine"

Expedite Your Emergency Response

Quickly mobilize your employees to give and volunteer where their help is needed most.


In just a few short weeks, corporate social responsibility has morphed from a departmental function into a representation of how every business, large and small, sees its purpose and values. As countries struggle to meet the needs of front-line workers, businesses are stepping up – not only for their employees, but for their entire communities. Never before has your ability to organize, mobilize, and scale been more important than it is right now. At Salesforce, we want to do our part and empower companies to both get back to work and give back to their communities.

As part of its Salesforce Care COVID-19 Response, Salesforce is making its products available at no charge for businesses needing to respond to the crisis. For CSR in particular, Salesforce, in partnership with United Way, has made Philanthropy Cloud available for free through September 30th to any company needing to jumpstart its workplace giving and volunteering (virtual or physical) efforts. To get started, please fill out this form.

Philanthropy Cloud connects employees with the causes they care about most, allowing them to quickly and easily find causes that matter to them, sign up for in-person or virtual volunteer opportunities, and donate to the nonprofit of their choice.

Learn more about Philanthropy Cloud and its features.

[Download Solution Brief] Philanthropy Cloud Solution Brief 


Want a peek inside? Take a guided tour through Philanthropy Cloud to see how both users and administrators experience the platform.
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Volunteering in Philanthropy Cloud

Philanthropy cloud doesn’t stop at giving. It’s the only platform that includes giving and volunteering in the same interface, allowing you to include both in a single campaign. Take a deep-dive into Philanthropy Cloud’s volunteering features.
Philanthropy Cloud
Volunteering Solution Brief 


If you’re still in the early stages of creating a volunteer program or feel like yours could use some guidance, we invite you check out our Volunteer Program Infographic. In it, you’ll go on a journey to learn which actions will best help you meet your company’s goals as they pertain to your program. [View the infographic]


Learn how Philanthropy Cloud might help your bottom line. This ROI Calculator walks you through a series of questions to help you calculate — and communicate — the potential savings the platform might provide your company.
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In addition to all nonprofits and schools from the U.S. and Canada, Philanthropy Cloud includes a Champion role for creating custom content. This role allows CSR professionals to offload some of the burden of company-specific content creation to trusted employees. Learn more about the Champion Role. [Download Solution Brief]