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Making the Shift: Moving from Transactional to Transformative Volunteerism
Donna Maleki | Intel
Allie Ottoboni | eBay

We’ve all been there. You get an email from someone a few pay grades above asking you to plan volunteer events for a small (or massive!) group of employees often with a long list of parameters – and they want it in two weeks. It’s on you to make it happen – but you’ll need to balance expectations with keeping your own sanity. Join representatives from Intel and eBay as they jump right into how eBay and Intel reframed large volunteer engagements from transactional to transformative experiences for employees. They’ll talk philosophy, logistics, takeaways and what they wouldn’t do again. Attendees will leave with a renewed belief in the power of volunteerism and ideas of how to make it happen – even at scale and with minimal time.

Deepening Impact in Communities Through Shared Values
Jennifer Flynn Dear & Lia Mancuso | KPMG

Shareholders, executives, employees and consumers are all focused on the impact an organization has on our society. Through collaborations with other leading organizations around shared values, companies have the opportunity to deepen their impact while fostering B2B relationships and enhancing their brand and reputation as a good corporate citizen. In this session, KPMG will share the citizenship process, resources, and recently developed Shared Values tools and templates to educate and assist their 30,000+ U.S. professionals in connecting with clients, vendors, and suppliers.

Leveraging CSR to Impact the Bottom Line
Renuka Gadde | BD
Maggie Kohn | Maggie Kohn Consulting

A critical role of corporate citizenship professionals is to propel their organization’s CSR efforts from philanthropy into daily operations. This requires pivoting from donating products to developing new business models to ensure long-term sustainability. This session will share featured case studies of businesses that have integrated their CSR principles into their commercial models, and the skills, market approaches, and partnerships needed for buy-in. It will help attendees understand how to break down silos between the CSR and commercial teams, to champion new business approaches targeting the bottom line.

Superheroes, HAPPYness, and Employee Engagement through Volunteerism
Sara Reed & Will Kauffman | Sage Foundation

In this session, Sage Foundation will present key ways that attendees can supercharge their foundation activities. Attendees will learn in-depth about three programs Sage Foundation has established to engage employees at all levels: the creation of Superheroes through their Ambassador Program, a global HAPPYness campaign, and overall employee engagement through a global volunteer initiative. This session will delve into the establishment and outcomes of each of Sage Foundation’s programs and how to look at employee engagement through multiple different lenses.

Giving Globally: How to Effectively, Compliantly, and Responsibly Manage Cross-Border Giving
Christine Fontana | Edwards Lifesciences
Jessie Krafft | CAF America

Corporate giving departments are increasingly asked to 1) manage programs on shoe-string budgets; and 2) provide impact in widening, thinning global corporate footprints. How can resource-constrained corporate giving teams give in multiple regions of the world without gambling trust and reputation? This session will explore ways to operationalize global corporate giving programs with a specific focus on how to identify partners, perform due diligence, and create partnerships that enhance philanthropic missions and trust.

Mergers & Acquisitions Impact on CSR
Rich Maiore | Rocket Social Impact
Sondra Smith | CenturyLink

Whether an organization has merged with another, has acquired or has been acquired, or is consolidating their operations, CSR remains the backbone to culture and to connections to community. This exciting session takes an in-depth look at how CSR leaders adapt, integrate, and evolve their CSR strategies and programs based on changing and challenging business environments. The session will highlight new findings from Rocket Social Impact and Conference on Foundations on best practices for creating a successful and integrated CSR program in the face of significant change brought on by an M&A. Attendees will hear from two CSR leaders who built and grew CSR programs for a newly combined company, while facing the challenge of integrating different cultures, approaches and new stakeholders. Attendees will walk away with key insights and actionable knowledge for creating a merged CSR vision and ensuring relevance to internal and external stakeholders.

The Seven Secret Ingredients in a Healthy CSR Culture
Jill Vitiello | Vitiello Communications Group

Do you have an appetite for improving your company’s CSR culture? Are you looking to instill a strong CSR culture that not only attracts and retains an engaged workforce but also benefits society? Join Jill Vitiello, CEO, Vitiello Communications Group, as she takes you through the seven secret ingredients in a healthy CSR culture and helps you identify how you can strategically transform the CSR culture in your own organizations for greater societal value. To be truly engaged, employees expect a sense of purpose and shared action with their company’s CSR practices, and communications professionals are the executive chefs who craft this culture. As communicators, we bring together the key ingredients to nourish a hearty workplace that feeds the souls of your workforce while contributing to the wellbeing of the communities where we work, eat and live. In this fast-paced, interactive session, Jill Vitiello shares the recipe for success. *This session will be recorded.

How to Test, Learn, and Scale: Crafting Innovative Program Models
Stacy Cline | GoDaddy
Nikki Korn | Cause Consulting

In this session, learn how GoDaddy shifted from supporting diverse causes to fulfilling their brand purpose with their signature social impact program, Empower by GoDaddy. This case study will provide a real example of program design, diving into multiple model development to testing to evaluation and then scaling across diverse communities and cultures. In this deep dive, attendees will learn to create a theory of change, innovative modeling, engage with a portfolio of partners, and think about ‘what they do best’ in the program delivery experience.

Taking Corporate Citizenship to the Next Level for Next Gen Employees
Mary Noel | DoSomething Strategic

Corporations today know they need to do more than just tell their employees about CR efforts—they need to engage their employees in the positive impact they're driving forward. Employees are hungry for purpose at work, and young employees are setting a new bar for what it means to be a corporate citizen. In this session, DoSomething Strategic, the social impact consultancy arm of, will delve into what you need to know about who Gen Z is, what defines them as both new employees and emerging consumers of today. Mary Noel will deliver a behind-the-scenes look at the insights that guide's success in activating young people for good so that you can better engage your employees in your volunteer and giving initiatives—empowering them as brand ambassadors for the good you do. By starting with an internal focus and ensuring authenticity to your purpose within, we can then explore powerful opportunities to engage Gen Z consumers eager to support purpose-led brands.

Forging Strong Partnerships Between Corporations & Nonprofits: Both Internally and Externally
Kellie Duhon | Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana
Jennifer Maggio | The Life of a Single Mom

Join Kellie Duhon with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana and Jennifer Maggio with The Life of a Single Mom as they discuss how their organizations worked together to impact over 82,000 single moms and build a mutually beneficial relationship between the two organizations. This session will focus on relationship-development, data tracking, and more. Attendees will learn the how-to's of identifying the right partnership at the right time and strengthening the relationship to have the most impact.

Utilizing Nonprofit Board Placement as an Innovative D&I Leadership Development Initiative
Robert Acton | Cause Strategy Partners | BoardLead
Stacy Magdaluyo | PwC

Companies across the globe are discovering the employee engagement & leadership development benefits of nonprofit board service: a proven strategy to develop the leadership prowess of business executives and employees, give them the opportunity to apply well-honed professional skills, develop new skills, and make a meaningful impact on the community. In this highly-engaging, interactive session, Robert and Stacy will explore what drives powerful corporate-based nonprofit board placement, training and support programs, including strategies and tactics for leveraging nonprofit board service as a diversity & inclusion initiative.

Striking the Right Balance Between Focus and Choice in Giving Programs
Kayla Mottola | TripAdvisor
Janelle St. Omer | Benevity

Benevity welcomes Kayla Mottola from TripAdvisor to discuss striking a balance between a strategic company pillar focus and employee choice. As a global brand with employees all over the world, it’s important to TripAdvisor to engage their people in ways that are personally and locally relevant, while also making a big impact towards a broader global cause that aligns with their company’s social mission – supporting displaced populations around the world. She’ll share how they’re mobilizing and unifying employees across 40+ worldwide locations to become advocates for an important global issue, and how it’s leading to bigger social and business impact.

Local Approach, National Scope – Lessons in Grant Making from JPMorgan Chase’s National Competitions
Ken Knowlton & Mercedeh Mortazavi | JPMorgan Chase

Join JPMorgan Chase & Co. in a discussion on the intricacies of developing, launching, managing, and the impact of a national grant competition over six years through a case study of their PRO Neighborhoods Competition. The PRO Neighborhoods Competition, now merged with the AdvancingCities Challenges, aims to seed creative, collaborative and sustainable solutions that drive inclusive growth in neighborhoods and across cities. Attendees will learn about the program cycle and the alignment of national programmatic priorities with corporate grant making strategy, focusing on how they use their grant making process to support deployment capital across the nation and in local communities.

What The Civic 50 Companies Know: 5 Proven Ways to Integrate Civic Engagement Inside Your Company
Jennifer Lawson | Points of Light

Be a part of a conversation with leaders whose companies topped the survey charts for integration of civic engagement inside their brands. Using eight years of collected data from The Civic 50 at Points of Light, Jennifer Lawson will offer insights into how to build a more purpose-focused culture inside your company. This session will focus on the corporate engagement process both internally and externally as well as how to leverage impact measurement in a meaningful way.

Unleash The Power of Signature Programs to Bring Corporate Purpose to Life
Mark Feldman & Nikki Korn | Cause Consulting

Today, corporations are aiming to bring their values to life by connecting social impact to brand strategy. This session will focus on how to meaningfully connect CSR to the corporate mission through corporate social impact initiatives and signature programs. Attendees will learn how to lead with brand, bring their company’s purpose to life, connect with trending topics, refine their language and message track, and maximize existing corporate communications channels.

Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG): A Shared Value Approach
Shawn Kahle | Assurant
Maria Zazycki | Walmart

Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) issues go beyond minimizing a company’s environment footprint, mitigating risk or giving back. Maria Zazycki from Walmart and Shawn Kahle of Assurant will discuss the complex yet important tools that have the potential to unlock real systems change for the biggest ESG challenges of our time. In this interactive session, participants will dive into how companies are integrating ESG topics into their social impact strategy, including the challenges and successes.

Microsoft’s Strategic Approach to Social Impact in Datacenter Communities
Mary Fifield | Kaleidoscope Consulting
Sonali George | Microsoft

Outside of just Microsoft Philanthropies, Microsoft is working to ensure that economies and communities are strengthened in the communities where it operates datacenters. This session will offer a case study of Microsoft’s Community Empowerment Fund, which is bridging the divide and promoting community ownership in local development funding through their datacenter line of business. Mary Fifield will share case studies from corporate foundations that implemented community-driven development approaches and informed the design of the pilot program at datacenters in US cities and abroad. Sonali George will discuss how sustainability, improved capacity building, shared value, and creative grassroots solutions are being incorporated to scale and refine the program. Attendees will learn the results and hard lessons of amplifying community voices and corporate partnerships.

Inspiring Community Engagement by Creating a Culture of Compassion
Meghan Curren, Paulette Myzel & Samantha O’Lenick | AdventHealth

Connecting community impact with a company’s mission is becoming an important strategy for corporations. AdventHealth’s Community Impact Team will tell their story about how they built upon their core mission to influence their community impact programs internally and externally. This case study will exemplify how they strengthened volunteer programs, bolstered community relations, and utilized research and data to determine the top needs of their community. Attendees will learn about best practices on weaving the mission into employee engagement, breaking down departmental silos, gaining leadership support, and mobilizing talent and resources.

Charting a Citizenship Path where Stakeholders Help Lead the Way
Maureen Flynn & Mandy Ryan | Changing Our World

When developing your corporate citizenship strategy, it’s critical to understand the priorities and motivations of your company’s various stakeholders. But many professionals struggle with where to start or how to balance competing priorities across the business. In this session, Maureen Flynn and Mandy Ryan will share a practical process for engaging all stakeholders in developing citizenship programs. Using Changing Our World’s Stakeholder Compass as a guide, participants will walk through a three-part process of eliciting stakeholder feedback, achieving buy-in, and creating champions. The result will be a citizenship strategy that links business success with social progress and, crucially, is championed by essential stakeholders.

Building and Managing Sustainability Projects in a Complex Atmosphere
Laura Gallagher & Jennifer Waldner | AIG

In this case study, representatives from AIG will discuss how they turned a group of employees passionate about sustainability into a global Sustainability Task Force spanning all major business and functional areas. This led to the appointment of a Chief Sustainability Officer and the ability to develop and implement a strategy and communicate their initiatives internally and externally. They will go deeper into how to undertake a large corporate initiative and develop a corporate foundation. Attendants will learn how to build a broad program, create messaging to engage stakeholders, obtain senior level and business line support and become a champion of social impact.

Is Your Corporate Volunteer Program Your Company's Secret Ingredient? Yes!
Victor Cordon | CSAA Insurance Group

As corporate volunteer programs grow, CSR professionals often need to prove that their program has a direct connection to increased employee engagement rates. CSAA Insurance Group, in conjunction with VeraWorks, created an assessment to determine to what extent CSAA Insurance Group’s employee volunteer program improves employee engagement, well-being, sense of purpose, workplace culture, and other HR outcomes. The findings and key information from the fascinating CSAA Insurance Group study on the success factors of corporate volunteering can be applied in other companies and their CSR programs. Attendees will learn about CSAA Insurance Group’s 100% employee volunteer participation rate and walk away with strategies to grow your corporate volunteer program and proof points to bring back to the office and ways to measure volunteerism at your company.

Leveraging Growth Mindset to Enhance the Impact of CSR Professionals
Robin Boggs & Mary Kate Morley Ryan | Accenture

This session will delve into the concept of growth mindset. In a changing world of work, enabling digital maturity requires a rotation of mindset, understanding, skills, and business practices. Adaptability becomes a core strength, which is important in the world of CSR. When employees access a growth mindset, they can make changes in their career and embrace the notion that career change is the only constant. Learn how growth mindset and learning theory can affect both your workforce and community.

Building Employee Skills and Satisfaction Through STEM Social Impact Programs
Susan Warner | Mastercard

Research shows STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education can make a positive impact on girls and their future career decisions. In this case study presentation, learn how Mastercard’s global signature STEM program, Girls4Tech, has made an impact with employees and job satisfaction, as well as enhance their skills and create global social impact. Attendees will learn how to achieve HR buy-in, link employee satisfaction and skill building, and scale programming to create global social impact.

Are Your Grantees Investment Ready? How Corporate Citizenship Can Drive Scale and Impact
David Greco | Social Sector Partners

In order for nonprofit partners to be successful, they need to be able to access funding not only from traditional philanthropy but from a wide range of donors, grantmakers and investors. Increasingly, today’s wealth generators are developing new and innovative ways to address deeply entrenched social challenges. Foundations are moving beyond just grants to include program and mission-related investments. In this session, learn how to work with your grantees on advantages of new sources of capital. David Greco will discuss the top takeaways of how corporate citizenship programs can act as catalysts and truly leverage their limited resources to influence their financial, social, and human capital and transform their grantees.

Cracking the Code of Influencing Upwards and Gaining Buy-In
Kathy Miller Perkins | Miller Consultants

Everyone engaged in corporate citizenship or corporate social responsibility is an organizational activist working to create a positive impact on society. To succeed, one must possess superb skills for influencing others. This session will educate attendees on how to affect decision-makers when they don’t have authority over them. Kathy will examine proven techniques for influencing up (and sideways) and assist attendees in exploring how to apply those techniques within their own organizations, as well as look at common problems and solutions. In this interactive workshop, attendees are encouraged to bring to the group a current roadblock they are facing and will have an opportunity to integrate what they have learned into the beginning of an influence strategy they can implement with decision-makers in their own organizations.

Building Resiliency and Preparedness in Employees, Businesses, and Communities
Davida Rivens | E4E Relief 
Robin White | Global Resilience Institute

This session will take a deep dive into the state of the American worker, highlighting the impact today’s precarious financial landscape can have on employee wellbeing and opportunity for social impact. Utilizing research conducted by E4E Relief and the Global Resilience Institute speakers will give participants the knowledge and tools they need to evaluate their organizations preparedness and resiliency markers. They will share findings on the macro trends impacting the workplace and measures that attendees can bring to their companies and c-suite leaders preparing them for the next unexpected or underestimated natural disaster, terroristic, or man-made event impacting both employees and communities.

AbbVie “Ask Me Anything”: Employee Assistance Funds and Scholarship Programs
Melissa Walsh & Jessica Zar | AbbVie
Kevin Roe | Simpson, Thacher & Bartlett LLP

In this “Ask Me Anything” style session about Employee Relief Funds and Children of Employee Scholarship programs, AbbVie puts the focus on the attendees. Join in on a candid conversation with AbbVie leadership and leading legal experts from Simpson Thacher as they share learnings from the recent launch of the AbbVie Employee Assistance Fund. Attendees will be given the opportunity to ask AbbVie about the approach, process, pitfalls, and successes of employee financial support programs. From developing guidelines and selecting vendors, to navigating IRS applications and employee communications, to understanding the legal ‘rules of the road’ for employee assistance programs – they will share lessons from their own experiences.

Fresh Ideas on Partnership Activations: Case Studies, Lessons Learned, and Data from the CSR Landscape to Fuel Partnership Wins
Marty Posch | JD Sports/Finish Line Youth Foundation
Mollye Rhea | For Momentum
Maury Wolfe | Cox Enterprises

According to For Momentum’s proprietary research of CSR decision-makers, a top factor that leads to the end of corporate/nonprofit partnerships is a lack of fresh ideas. Join Mollye Rhea as she delves into case studies and insights to re-energize your cause activations and take your partnership results to new levels. Attendees will learn about the data behind which activations work best for all stakeholders: consumers, employees, and B2B. This session will include a panel discussion with Marty Posch, President, Finish Line Youth Foundation and Maury Wolfe, Senior Director of Corporate Responsibility and Public Affairs, Cox Enterprises, Inc. who will share knowledge and ideas from their past cause campaigns that will bolster attendee’s cause partner investments and spark creativity in launching your own effective cause marketing campaigns.

Trust and Social Currency: The Role of Social Media in 2020
Edd Uzzell | City National Bank

The only thing constant is change. Social media platform utilization is different today than it was yesterday, and it will pivot again tomorrow. Join Ed Uzzell and delve into the role social media plays in business - both internally and externally - and challenges companies face in social engagement.

Corporate Philanthropy: What Are the Options?
Robert Waldman | Venable

Companies can fund their corporate philanthropy through a number of vehicles, including traditional mechanisms of direct corporate funding or use of a company foundation. Newer approaches include the use of donor advised funds, fiscal sponsorships and crowdfunding. These giving approaches can also be used in combination. This session will cover the rules applicable to, along with the pro’s and con’s of, these various approaches.

Corporate Activism Review: 2020 Trends and Best Practices
Kathy Miller Perkins | Miller Consultants

Over the past few years, a growing number of corporations have experienced mounting pressures from stakeholders including employees and customers, to take a stand on social and political issues. And all evidence suggests this is a movement that is not going away. Yet only a small percentage of businesses have a plan to address this growing trend.  In this session, Kathy Miller Perkins will provide attendees with an in-depth look at the state of corporate activism based on Miller Consultants’ 2020 Corporate Social Activism Study which includes data from a survey and interviews. She will give attendees insight into the degree to which companies are experiencing pressures from stakeholders, how they are responding and in what ways they are preparing for ongoing and growing stakeholder pressures. Attendees will learn about frameworks and approaches that companies are developing and adopting to address social and political issues.

Utilizing Social Impact Programs to Grow Diversity and Talent Pipelines
Ashley Rajaratnam & Andrea Riehl | Best Buy Co. Inc.

Among teens today, retail is often seen as “just” a summer job. Take it a few steps further, though, and retail can be a career that builds valuable core skills and professional experience, not to mention the possibility of a six-figure salary. In this session, hear how Best Buy's retail internship program is transforming the way young people from underserved communities think about post- high school careers, and how the company thinks about its talent pipeline. Attendees will learn how Best Buy's Social Impact team forged collaborations with leaders across the company to develop a program that achieves business and social ROI. Through an interactive discussion, Best Buy will discuss what it took to develop and roll out the program, the challenges along the way, and how the company is working to amplify the program’s reach by integrating its vendor partners into this initiative.

Creativity and Authenticity in Problem-Solving and Corporate Communications
Jameelah Nuriddin | Advancing Women Executives

Strategic communication is key to gaining CSR buy-in. This workshop teaches the essential components of bringing authenticity to the workplace as part of your professional brand. Learn public speaking techniques for thinking on your feet and adapting in real-time. Improve your confidence, inner authority and power of persuasion to influence potential supporters. Communication is energy. Storytelling impacts the way we feel. Walk away with simple, creative techniques to empower your vision in the workplace. This hands-on workshop benefits from a smaller group setting to facilitate real-time exercises allowing participants to practice what they are learning immediately. *This session will be recorded.

What’s the Bottom Line: Strategy and Measurement of Return on Investment and Business Value
Rhonda Evans & Amy Silverstein | Deloitte Services, LP

Have you ever considered how you can make more data-driven decisions about social impact strategy choices? Sound decision-making requires understanding return on investment, as well as the business value of social impact. Good data are essential to quality decisions. In this session, we will help you understand how to use return on investment and how to measure the business value of social impact. We will also explore helping translate to the language of business to get buy-in with stakeholders across the organization.